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2/27/2013 2:39 am  #1



                       My parents suck. I hate them. Gosh, they're ruining my life!

Zoinks! Yet another angstful teenager testimonial joins the growing list posted on the Church of Wells Wall of Shame. Not to be outdone by previous artful craftings, this one is a rollicking no-holds-barred, 50-page White Paper, stickin' it to the Dean family and "The Modern Mega-church" with both barrels. Jam-packed with snarls and dripping with liquid sarcasm. Even cult exposer Rick Ross got a taste of their displeasure. 

That expensive college education is showing itself - acknowledgement, preface, references and everything...nice...these guys should start a business selling term papers and doctoral thesis. 

This is like an over-the-top television drama. "Big Love" meets "Housewives" meets "Walking Dead." We can hardly wait for the next webisode. Just like those shows, the behavior and shenanigans are so annoying and irritating, almost not believable, but you just can't stop watching. Ya gotta see what happens.

Is Church of Wells gunning for its own TV show, I wonder? 

Sadly, this would be laughable if it wasn't so extraordinarily tragic.

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Re: Testimonials


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